REcord producer/recording artist

Studio #b-14

Lo-Flydelity Studios


WIZDUMB is an award winning Seattle based Rapper & beat maker known for his raw, gritty underground style and sound. He has gained notoriety for his works with the likes of Moka Only, MF GRIMM, Count Bass D, Silas Blak, Duck Down, Macklemore, The Nonce, Fatlip and various other artists. He has been putting out records for over 12 years and even landed his album Basementality (2013) in the seattle Strangers Top 5 Hip Hop albums of the year. He also owns and operates the recording studio in the historic Bemis building.

"...Wizdumb is a hip hop archaeologist in the ruins of its beauty. His work recalls that scene in the video for the Roots' "Concerto of the Desperado": as Black Thought raps, a group of men dig in the ground with their hands and unearth mics, mixers, and turntables from another era. Wizdumb's beats not only sound more found than made (I say this as a compliment of the highest order—hiphop is not about making, but remaking, mining, crate digging), but his almost scientific commitment to analog equipment and scratchy vinyl records reinforces the archaeological feel of his albums...." - Charles Mudede