We're excited to showcase a great mix of new artists!

Thanks so much to everyone who applied!  We were sad to turn anyone down, we had an above average number of applicants.  We hope to be able to accommodate additional guest artists on the Bemis 2nd floor (recently built out) at future shows, expanding to upwards of 45 artists.

Here's the list of exhibiting artists for April 23/24th.  Preview samples will be up soon...

  • Adam Burges
  • Andie DeRoux
  • Barbi Leifert
  • Brian Kern
  • Byrn Anderson
  • Caite Mae Ramos
  • Carolyn Autenrieth
  • Claudia Zimmerman
  • Del Bermudez
  • Elena Wendelyn
  • Eric Nuss
  • Hilary Littke
  • Jay Shoots
  • Jennifer Charoni
  • Jesse Rosenthal
  • Jessica Paul-Jones
  • Judith Estrada Echegaray
  • Kathie Vezzani
  • Katlyn Hubner
  • Kelly Jackson
  • Kevin Taylor
  • Kim McCarthy
  • Kyle Mann
  • Lendy Hensley
  • Margo Beaver
  • Mariela Fernandez
  • Mark Clarson
  • Micah Burham
  • Patricia Davidson
  • Peter Robinson
  • Ruthann Mazrim
  • Sarah Young
  • Shoko Zama